The Sleep Story of sea glass. A Sleep Story for grown ups



The Story of Sea Glass is another gentle, drifting hypnotic sleep story for grown ups – a unique combination of trance journey and rambling story.  Like all our Sleep Stories for adults, it aims to keep you interested enough to calm your mind to the point where you can just go to sleep easily.

There’s a group of people who collect sea-smoothed waste glass. They comb beaches all over the world, find the glass treasures and keep them as mementoes or even turn them into jewellery.  In Hawaii the island of Kauai – the oldest of the islands and known for its lush greenery actually has a beach called “Glass Beach”.  Equally as exotic is the British Territory of Bermuda there’s Alexandra Battery Beach – an excellent collection-site for the glass treasures. Throughout the world on every continent there are beachcombers wandering the sands and pebbles in search of the coloured frosted glass.

Our story is not on a hot white-sand beach though; our beach has an abundance of coloured glass washed up on every tide and it’s situated in the former mining area of North East Durham in the North of England. The North Sea breeze can be biting but it doesn’t put off the treasure hunters who can be seen all day long and all year round slowly pacing the pebbles heads bowed, carrying their buckets and bags and searching for that extra large find.

Duration: 21 minutes

Narrator: Martyn Healy

Martyn Healy is a seasoned voiceover and a hypnotherapist – the perfect combination to help you get to sleep. As well as creating Sleep Stories his voice can be heard on many other meditations and even TV and radio commercials. He still finds time to see clients in person at his practice in Northumberland, England.

Adult Sleep Stories are only available in audio form.  Only listen when it is safe to do so and you are undistracted by other things and are ready to go to sleep.


iOS users, we recommend downloading the audiobook on desktop then transferring to iPhone or iPad.

On Android phones the files can be downloaded by opening the link and then holding down your finger on the audio player until you see the option to ‘Save as’.


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