The Department Store. A Sleep Story for grown ups



The Department Store is an insignificant little tale laced with hypnotic suggestions and tried-and-trusted language patterns. It is designed to help even hardened insomniacs go to sleep. This Sleep Story for grown ups ponders the perplexing layout of modern department stores. Many of the older stores are like mazes as they have grown organically and it’s so easy to get lost in them.  Modern stores are designed with the help of psychologists who deliberately make your journey around the store pleasurable and LONG. The longer you stay in the store the more likely you are to make a purchase.  Many stores can be disorienting and many can be frustrating.

22 Minutes long

This Sleep Story for grown ups is 22 minutes long, though few people are still awake at the end.  As usual you are reminded to only listen when it is safe and certainly do not listen if driving or operating machinery.  Ideally you should listen at night or your usual bedtime and be prepared to sleep.

Narrator: Martyn Healy

Martyn Healy is a hypnotherapist and also a trained and hugely experienced voice actor – the perfect combination to help you get to sleep.  He knows the importance of the language patterns and has the right soothing voice to make them work harder to help the Sleep Story help you to go to sleep.  His voice is used on many meditations and advertisements and he still sees personal clients for one-to-one therapy.

Sleep Stories for grown ups are only available in audio form.

Listen to a sample of the story below.


iOS users, we recommend downloading the audiobook on desktop then transferring to iPhone or iPad.

On Android phones the files can be downloaded by opening the link and then holding down your finger on the audio player until you see the option to ‘Save as’.


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