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Sleep Stories was developed as a standalone site to sell ebooks and recordings aimed at helping younger children to go to sleep. It grew and we added stories for adults too… just meandering tales, loaded with positive suggestions and soothing soundtracks to help you go to sleep.

We have recently shifted the business to become part of a much larger community of thrapists and storytellers and coaches on the AURA app.

AURA is an all-in-one wellbeing app and we’re delighted to say all of our sleep story content is available there.

You can claim your THIRTY DAY FREE TRIAL right here and have access to all the sleep stories from our stable and hundreds of other audios from dozens of coaches and therapists from around the world.

There’s no committment – you’ve got THIRTY DAYS to explore. As you decide here’s a grown-up Sleep Story to listen or download for free. It’s one of the most listened-to on Aura. and it’s called “The Colouring Book”