The Colouring Book. A Sleep Story for grown ups



The Colouring Book is a Sleep Story for grown ups and is another hypnotic journey designed to help you go to sleep. Martyn’s soothing voice guides you into a relaxed state and embeds a few hypnotic suggestions. In this sleep story you are guided through an entertaining and relaxing tale about the phenomenon of colouring books for adults. In 2015 the idea of adult colouring books really took off and at Christmas that year it was one of the most popular gifts.

The growth of the sector was said to have saved several publishing houses and the very idea of adults getting out their felt-tips, crayons and pencils split the public and the self help professionals.  The idea was that colouring-in the intricate images allowed the “colourist” (as they became known) to become totally absorbed in the act and quiet the mind to the point where they could forget about everything else that was happening in their lives.

Traditional Art Therapists dismissed the idea that it was a therapy and Donna Betts, President of the Amweican Institute of Art Therapy, in a article in The Guardian distinguished colouring-in from therapy by likening it to the difference between listening to music and learning to play an instrument.

Duration: 20 minutes

Narrator: Martyn Healy

Writers: Martyn Healy & Rachael Healy

Martyn Healy is a seasoned voiceover and a hypnotherapist – the perfect combination to help you get to sleep. His voice is on many meditations and ads and he still sees clients 1-2-1.

Like all sleep stories it is best to only listen when it is safe to do so. So at night in bed with or without headphones as long as you know that you will not be disturbed. It’s certainly not a good a idea to listen whilst driving or operating machinery.

Adult Sleep Stories are only available in audio form.

Listen to a sample of the story below.


iOS users, we recommend downloading the audiobook on desktop then transferring to iPhone or iPad.

On Android phones the files can be downloaded by opening the link and then holding down your finger on the audio player until you see the option to ‘Save as’.


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